Custom Aquaponics – Mankato Minnesota

A year round garden.

We used the nitrogen in the water that the fish have produced naturally to nourish plants.

The Starting Point

We started with a traditional aquarium setup and added a few fish to allow time for the fish to change the water\’s chemistry to one favorable for plant growth.


We decided to go with a one pump system to feed three grow beds. Two of the grow beds us neutralized clay pellets as growing media and the third bed is a floating system. To create the grow beds we went with three 30 gallon fish tanks. The tanks were painted black (we left the front clear to show the media). Holes were drilled for plumbing access and the frame is put in place.

The water from every tank in this system will flow through this bottom tank. This is an important factor to aid in removal of debris from the system before it reaches the pump to be recirculated.


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