Strawberry Comparison

By now we know that the color of our food is usually indicative of the nutrient value of said food.  A nice orange carrot for example, contains large amounts of the nutrient carotene.  Modern food production methods have hybridized most … Continue Reading

Trip to Anderson Japanese Gardens

I am a big fan of the Japanese Garden.  The use of rock, water, and plant elements as part of a trinity of symbolism and metaphor.  Heavy with dwarf conifers, large boulders, koi ponds, and waterfalls, the landscape is a … Continue Reading

Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Comparison

Here are three plants in the Milkweed family. Native Milkweed on the left and two other Butterfly bushes on the right.   There is no doubt that the Monarch Butterfly’s numbers are greatly reduced.  A recent article in the Huffington … Continue Reading