Lake Tanganyika Biotope – Mankato Minnesota

A Healthy and Inspiring Aquarium.

We started with an old tank and gave it a new life.


Branch Industries – Mankato, Minnesota

Building on a budget

The client wanted to add life to their space and they were on a startup business budget. We used an existing tank and stand, a lot of elbow grease, and simple and affordable materials to create the system.

Aquascape / Environment

We imitated water conditions and strata to duplicate the brackish Lake Tanganyika environment.

System Function

The system implements dual gravity overflows that feed secondary media tanks and a central sump with a plumbing to return valves.


The Tanganyikan fish thrive in the aquarium, producing large numbers of healthy offspring, including Leleupi, Julidochromis marlieri, and Brichardi.

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