Bent River Outfitter Saltwater System – Mankato Minnesota

A Thriving Saltwater Reef and Lagoon.

We started with a  125 gallon mixed reef and transformed it into a 400+ gallon salt water system.


Bent River Outfitter – Mankato, Minnesota.

Lagoon Lighting

(2) 6 ft VHO lights to light the lagoon.

Lagoon Base Construction

Previous 125 gallon aquarium disassembled and replaced into the base of the custom built stand for the much larger display. The 125 will now be used as a lagoon type area for the deepwater coral reef display, allowing a huge diversity in flora and fauna creating a solid dynamic ecosystem.

Pluming and Filtration

The system runs on a single pump with gravity feeding the bottom tank and the filtration sump. Live rock was added to fill in the overall structure and corals were placed more once lighting was added.

Finish Carpentry

Weathered pallet wood was used to accent the aquarium with a rustic look and hide electrical and plumbing. The large doors give as much access as possible.

Aquarium Lighting

Kessil LED lighting was used to give the look of natural sunlight on the ocean floor. We highly endorse these lights if you are looking for new LEDs. Visit Kessil’s Website

Completed System

The symbiotic ecosystem has become a showpiece and inspiration for Bent River Outfitter’s clients and staff.

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