• Using Water Wisely

    A Limited Resource with Unlimited Possibilities

About Aqualogical Resources

We’ve been custom designing ponds, aquariums, aquaponic and other aquatic systems since 1997. Our focus is on sustainable products, techniques, and designs. Utilizing natural processes and the latest technologies we will design a system tailored to your unique location and situation.

Seth Yocum - Owner

Aquarium Setup and Maintenance

We specialize in all aspects of freshwater and salt water aquariums. We understand water chemistry, aquarium lighting, plant and fish health, water filtration, tank set up, and even help build your own custom aquarium setup.


Using the nitrogen in the water that your fish have produced naturally to nourish plants is what aquaponic systems are all about. Gardening in Minnesota doesn’t have to stop when winter begins.

Pond Setup and Maintenance

A pond garden can transform the landscape of your home or business into a peaceful and productive sanctuary. Whether you want a small spot or an entire yard filled, we have the experience to build the garden you want!

Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture is at the center of most products available through Aqualogical Resources. It’s often hard to find space to grow a significant amount of produce. Wall gardens, roof gardens, aquaponics and small optimized plots bring productivity to limited spaces.

How Can We Help You?

With 20+ years of aquatic experience.

Maintenance Plans and Repairs

We are able to service any aquatic system on a weekly, monthly, or custom schedule and seasonal tasks.

Retail Products

With a variety of vendors available, we provide a full range of aquarium, pond, lighting and aquaponic products.

Complete Projects

From initial consultation through completed project we can design and construct your perfect home, office, or garden aquatic showpiece.

Successful Aquatic Projects

Click an image below to samples of our successful aquatic projects.

Lake Tanganyika Biotope – Mankato Minnesota

A Healthy and…

Custom Aquaponics – Mankato Minnesota

A year round…

OSD Saltwater System – Mankato Minnesota

A Thriving Saltwater…

Garden Pond – Lake Crystal Minnesota

Urban Agriculture done…